Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway Betting and Odds Preview – December 15, 2019

alexander volkanovski
Alexander Volkanovski

The UFC 245 fight night will definitely be one of the most interesting cards of the year as it will be headlined by the Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway UFC Featherweight Championship fight. The fight will take place on 15 December 2019 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, but has been in the making for quite a while now as both fighters have expressed a strong desire to finally have a match-up.

Max Holloway’s rationale behind looking for this fight to happen is to finally find someone who is a worthy opponent. He has absolutely steamrolled all of his other featherweight competitors and has successfully defended his featherweight championship title 3 times. In Alexander Volkanovski he finally has an opponent who he can consider as worthy adversary as he has never before in his professional UFC career faced a fighter who relies so much on his natural physical strength.

For Volkanovski this fight will be a chance to show to the world that his record of 7-0 in the UFC is not accidental and that he is a fighter who doesn’t just rely on brute strength, but is also a very skilled opponent.

This fight is also a challenge for bookmakers as they have never had to work so hard to come with the correct UFC odds for both fighters. Holloway is the reigning featherweight champion so he is given the favourite tag by sports betting operators, but the fact that Volkanovski has been competing in welterweight, lightweight, and featherweight makes coming to clear conclusions very difficult. This literally is a fight that could very easily go both ways and here is what the top bookmakers are saying about it.

Event Date: December 15, 2019


betwayWhen it comes to top quality UFC betting, Betway is the place to go to. The Maltese betting operator offers some of the best fight odds out there and combines that with some equally enticing bonuses and promotions. The $30 Welcome Offer which Betway reserves for its new clients is one such promotion which when combined with a fight such as Volkanovski vs Holloway makes for potentially a very profitable betting endeavor.

Betway, just like all other betting operators in this article, makes Max Holloway the favourite. Holloway a.k.a. Blessed is given odds of 8/15 to defeat Alex Volkanovski and considering his professional record of 21 wins and only 4 losses, it is hard to argue that those odds are not well deserved.

However, for the first time in his career, Holloway will have to face an opponent of Volkanovski’s caliber and that will definitely complicate things for all of his backers.

Betway give Alex the Great odds of 7/5 to defeat Holloway and take away his featherweight title and at those odds he is a great pick for all punters who want a slightly riskier bet with high odds which could actually come to fruition easier than expected.


unibetUnibet is a bookmaker who is always on the side of the punter. Their Money Back welcome promotion is definitely along those lines. It stipulates that if a betting enthusiast’s first bet is a losing one, he/she will get their money back up to $25. This can definitely come quite handy if you decide to back Volkanovski with your first Unibet wager.

The Australian with Macedonian and Greek parents wanted for the fight to take place in his native Australia some time ago, but had to settle for Las Vegas as Holloway’s fight schedule was packed full. That might not be ideal for the Australian, but make no mistake that he will bring his ‘A game’ to Las Vegas too.

Unibet give him odds of 7/5 to win in Vegas and that represents good value to us. Volkanovski is so far undefeated in the UFC and he has been waiting for this fight to happen for so long that he will be raring to go from when he steps into the Octagon.

The reigning featherweight champion, Max Holloway, is of course the safer bet here, but with odds of 11/20 punters will have to lodge a much bigger deposit for their bet to be worthwhile.

Royal Panda

royal pandaRoyal Panda is most commonly associated with top notch casino gambling, but their sports betting offer is excellent too. For the Max Holloway vs Alex Volkanovski fight they make Holloway the clear favourite.

Blessed first won the UFC featherweight title in 2016 when he defeated Anthony Pettis and later unified that title after defeating Jose Aldo. Holloway has defended the title on three occasions against the likes of Jose Aldo, Brian Ortega, and Frankie Edgar, and the people at Royal Panda certainly believe that he will do the same thing this time too as they give him lower odds of 29/50.

However, they are probably not taking into account how Volkanovski feels about the fight. The Hulk thinks that the fight will end up with him knocking out Holloway quite early on and even if Holloway manages to endure his early punches, Alex feels that the referee will have to interrupt the fight as he will try to save Holloway’s life in the Octagon. That confidence is certainly admirable and at odds of 137/100 punters can take a chance on Alex and see if he walks the walk as he talks the talk.


pinnaclePinnacle has been providing the best betting experience for more than 20 years and they pride on always providing punters a consistent and personalized betting experience. For the Volkanovski vs Holloway fight they offer enticing odds for both competitors and that should be enough to convince punters to take their UFC wagers to Pinnacle.

Volkanovski is definitely the underdog with Pinnacle as he is given higher odds of 29/20. The Australian fighter claims that he will test Holloway’s stamina and endurance to its limits, but it will take more than just talking about it to defeat the UFC featherweight champion.

This is because Holloway has been his division’s champion for more than 3 years and has so far failed to find an opponent who would challenge his ability in the Octagon. That’s why he is given favourites’ odds of 61/100 by Pinnacle. His winning streak of 14 consecutive victories in UFC’s featherweight division is an undisputed record in the division and Volkanovski will have to work very hard to even come close to that achievement.