MMA / UFC: Anthony Joshua Special Bets

anthony joshua
Anthony Joshua

Britain’s Anthony Joshua is arguably the best heavyweight boxer in the world right now. He’s a man who holds three titles in the division and he will end 2018 with a perfect record of 22 wins from 22 pro fights.

At this level, the sport has reached a golden period as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder proved at the weekend but while both men are eyeing a showdown with Joshua in the future, there is plenty of talk surrounding AJ and a possible switch to the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

AJ’s Options

In fact, there are a number of betting markets attached to the possibility of Joshua signing up with the UFC division and turning his back on the ring in favour of the Octagon. We’ll discuss the reasons why there has been so much talk in a moment but for now, what exactly can we bet on?

Market Options

lv betThere are, essentially, two available bets here and they both relate to Joshua making the change in 2019. The first of these offers odds on AJ to make his professional MMA debut before the end of 2019 and while EnergyBet go 6/1 on this option, LV BET are slightly better at 7/1.

Secondly, you can take a punt on Anthony Joshua to win any UFC belt before the end of 2019. Once again, LV BET is the better place to be here at odds of 44/1 but if you only have an account with EnergyBet, you are only marginally worse off at 43/1.

Those are our options for now but what chance do either of them have of actually landing?

Could it Happen?

energybetSome pundits genuinely believe that Anthony Joshua would switch from boxing to MMA simply to avoid losing his unbeaten record in the ring. With Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury both offering genuine challenges to his three heavyweight title belts, there are real threats to AJ’s reign at the top and some feel that the British fighter is ‘running scared’.

We think that’s an unlikely scenario but in the past there has been plenty of talk surrounding Joshua changing codes. Back in 2017 he said that we would be open to taking part in MMA in the future but that he would ‘probably get beaten’. That’s not a particularly encouraging comment for anyone looking to take a punt in these markets but it’s continued to fuel comments ever since.

Around six months later in March 2018, AJ said that an MMA would be an option but only at the end of his career and once again, those words fall some way short of him making a full commitment.


In all honesty we think that 2019 is too soon for Anthony Joshua to be making any dramatic change to what has been a very successful career. There is that theory that he is avoiding Wilder and Fury and while that challenge is likely to be placed before him in 2019, he’s not been one to shirk a big opponent in the past.

He’s 29 now so in boxing terms he is still at his peak and should be able to compete in the ring far beyond 2019. Another argument in favour of the switch is the fact that he has essentially achieved everything in the game from winning an Olympic Gold Medal through to taking three world heavyweight belts. There is the WBC title held by Wilder but the challenge of MMA may tempt him away if he feels there is nothing more to achieve in the ring.

In all honesty, we can’t see Anthony Joshua making a change to MMA in 2019. There is definitely some potential for the big man to finish his career in the world of mixed martial arts and if there was a market available that extended beyond those 2019 cut offs quoted by EnergyBet and LV BET, then we would seriously consider them.

If you disagree, the price of 7/1 quoted by LV BET on Joshua to make his MMA debut in 2019 is probably the one to go for but for now, we’re simply going to wait and enjoy some top class boxing action for 2019 and beyond.