Best MMA Shorts – Buyer’s Guide 2024

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Martial arts shoes are worn by practitioners in various combat sports. If you are after the best MMA shorts in the market, then you are in the right place, and keep reading! The idea is to educate you on the benefits and utility of using the best MMA shorts as opposed to a regular gym shorts or board shorts.

Any fighter will tell you about the feeling he gets when he wears a comfortable, good pair of MMA trunks during a practice session or in a real fight scenario. Every mixed martial arts fighter needs to appreciate (and never underestimate) the importance of wearing the right attire for martial arts.

It is quite common and easy to give in to the temptation of using an old pair of gym shorts and overlook the importance of MMA training shorts. Although not a strict requirement, but wearing the best and most comfortable pair of MMA shorts will ensure that you get the best out of every practice or MMA training sessions that you undertake. It simply eases the process of getting into that routine training, whilst giving you the confidence and comfort that you need during the various types of maneuvers you make.

The best MMA shorts are designed by keeping martial arts fighters in mind. They are not as restrictive with the range of motion as your regular gym shorts and are also able to withstand stronger impacts as compared to the mesh shorts that are routinely worn. They come in all sorts of designs, style and color options so everyone can choose their favorite gear.

Good fitted pair of MMA shorts (like a pair of gloves or shoes) are essential for any MMA fighter and are a pre-requisite in this competitive sport, whether you are a pro-fighter or someone who has just picked up this sport. This will ensure that you get the maximum out of your training drills as that all-important combat comes closer.

Is it worth buying one good pair of MMA shorts? The answer should be a YES if you are concerned about effective training and eventually your overall performance, comfort, and safety.

With the rising popularity of MMA, the demand for a good pair of MMA shorts has seen new heights and there is a lot more awareness and willingness on part of the MMA fighters to wear professional and appropriate shorts for the all-important fight (and training that precedes it).

The options of MMA shorts on the market (physical or online stores) are limitless. The increased demand for the best MMA shorts has seen the manufacturing of innovative and smart designs, style and functionalities.

10 Best MMA Shorts Reviews in 2024

Below you will find the best 10 MMA fight shorts which we have shortlisted from the best of the best available in the market.

WTUVIVE MMA Shorts for Men

These MMA shorts have a velcro closure waistband with drawstring closure inside. These, along with the split design ensure that you have relaxed movements and can lift your legs with ease.

The fabric material used is comfortable and clear prints. The colors are solid and do not fade away after you wash them.

These high quality shorts are made for boxing, sparring, grappling, MMA, No-gi BJJ, Muay Thai or even sports training indoors or outdoors.

Always ensure that you opt for the right size corresponding to your waist measurements.

These MMA shorts are available in three interesting colors namely black, red and yellow.

SOTF MMA Boxing Fight Shorts

These boxing fight shorts come with a Velcro and drawstring design inside which provides an adjustable waist to adapt to your waistline. The split design makes it easy for the fighter to lift their legs with ease, with full range of motion. The reinforced stitching is firm and makes the overall product material durable and long-lasting.

The fabric is stretchable and super comfortable to wear. This, in turn, reduces friction against the body particularly during grappling. The colors are solid and do not fade upon washing. The printing technology is advanced and provides for neater patterns and style.

These also come with pockets, side slits and provide for easy and accessible storage for phone or keys. These are ideal for MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, Sparring, and training.

These MMA shorts are available in three interesting colors namely black, white, brick red, black red with pocket and gray with pocket. They are also available in multiple sizes to suit your waistline. Always go for the slightly bigger size, as opposed to a tighter or smaller one for the ease of comfort and better fit.

MMA Elastic Training Shorts for Men

These MMA shorts come standard with an elastic closure. The stretchy fabric material provides elasticity to the waistband and makes it comfortable and breathable for the wearer. The split design provides flexibility that makes it easy to move the legs around during maneuvers. The stitching of the product is firm and provides long-lasting use. It has clear prints and bold designs. The colors are solid and do not fade upon washing.

These training shorts are perfect for Boxing, MMA, No-gi, BJJ, Muay Thai, sparring, fighting, grappling or even indoor or outdoor sports training.

These MMA shorts are available in an extensive range of sizes to accommodate fighter of every size.

These shorts are available in two designs but in single black color only.

Meister MMA Dragon Hybrid Flex Board Shorts

These hybrid flex board shorts are a great combination of sturdiness and flexibility. They have an exclusive Dragon design which provides a bold statement on part of the wearer.

The MMA shorts are manufactured with a strong blend of polyester and nylon. The body of the shorts holds their shape whilst you grapple. This allows the air to flow through it and keep your sweat to a minimum and at the same time helps you to stay cool.

The nylon flex panels inside the MMA shorts allow for great flexibility when you are sparring or training.

The Velcro/drawstring waist closure design ensures that the wearer gets a perfect fit, each time they go out to the ring.

They are available in white color only (with black design on the front leg).

Hayabusa Mens Marvel MMA Shorts

These Marvel fight shorts are your perfect ally during those all-important fights and maneuvers during striking, grappling or even training.

The moment you wear them, they give you the ultimate comfort with good range of motion. They give you a firm and secure fit and hold on to your waist with the help of a silicone waistband.

These MMA shorts are durable and have reinforced stitching that makes it durable. The stretch panels make these shorts ideal for all kinds of training.

They come in 3 unique designs and style that have the iconic Marvel heroes printed on them namely Captain America, Iron Man & The Punisher.

These MMA shorts are available in black, blue and red colors.

SOTF Men’s Gray Sports Pants

These sports pants have a drawstring closure and Velcro design that provides for an adjustable waistline to give you the maximum comfort and a great fit. They also have a split design that provides you with a lot of legroom to lift them during training and fights. They have firm stitching that makes this gear super durable and can last you for longer.

The fabric of these pants is smooth and comfortable and provides you with the much-needed peace of mind during those fights. This fabric also reduces friction during grappling activity. They have very clear patterns and the colors are solid that does not fade away after washing or with routine wear.

These sports pants are ideal for many sports such as MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, sparring fights or even for routine wear in the gym.

These sports pants are available in a variety of sizes to suit everyone’s requirements. Always ensure to get a slightly bigger size to provide you with the best comfort and fit during combat scenarios or even training. They come in a single grey color with a bold design on the front leg.

Hayabusa Kickboxing Shorts

These kickboxing shorts have a Velcro, drawstring closure, and are ultra-lightweight that provide for maximum flexibility to the fighter. They do not have any hardware and that ensures supreme comfort to the wearer. They have a mid-thigh cut with a side split that allows the kickboxers to execute those high kicks with perfection and full range of motion.

The hybrid elastic waistband and drawstring provide for a customized and secure fit, with each wear.

These shorts can double up as either boxing shorts or MMA shorts. It is due to this versatility that this gear is regarded as one of the best fighting shorts out there in the market.

They are available in a range of colors such as purple, red, steel blue and blue/grey.

Reebok UFC Men’s Training Fight Shorts

These Reebok UFC Men’s Speedwick Performance Training Fight Shorts, model number AJ0149 are one of the best items for training out there in the market.

The brand Reebok needs no introduction and with each purchase, you are guaranteed to buy a gear that will be fit for purpose and at best, will exceed your expectations.

These training fight shorts are available in solid chalk white color. To accommodate the fighters of all shapes and sizes, these MMA shorts are available in an extensive range of sizes such as small, medium, large, extra-large or double extra-large.

Combat Sports Fight MMA Boardshorts

The fabric of these board shorts is made out of polyester that is a strong material and can provide protection to the trainer during training or competition.

Its waist gripper drawcord gives you a snug and super comfortable fit. The leg slits are six-inches wide and stretch panels/inseam provides for enhanced flexibility.

These are ideal for sports such as MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing training, and combat competition.

They are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors to suit your style, waistline, and preference. You are bound to be spoilt for choices to find your favorite shorts.

Venum Tecmo Lightweight MMA Fight Shorts

These Venum fight shorts (that come standard with a Venum logo) now come with the upgraded version of their earlier ‘Tecmo Fight Short’. These shorts are made out of 100% polyester with a non-abrasive hook-and-loop closure system over the lacing to provide the optimum fitting experience.

They are super durable and light-weight due to the reinforced seam design. This allows for greater flexibility and better fighting experiences, either during training or fights. This is due to the side slits and mesh panels that also allow regulation of your body’s moisture.

The fitted cut provides for a customized fit for each fighter. It has a sublimation print that gives the shorts a unique design and style.

These fight shorts are come in only one color that is dark grey.

What are MMA Shorts Used For?

Certain fighting techniques are specific to a lot of sports including MMA. These include grappling and striking for example. It is for this specific purpose that the best MMA fighters need a pair of shorts that are specially designed to assist and boost the fighter’s performance.

These MMA shorts are vital in providing the fighters with the requisite comfort, mobility and fit to perform to their optimum level, either during training or fighting.

Types of MMA Shorts

Choosing the best types of MMA shorts that are a great fit and provide maximum comfort can be a challenge for some. Let us look at the few varieties of pair of shorts available.

Vale Tudo

These tudo shorts are also known as compression shorts and are meant to provide you with ultra-light feeling when you wear it. This compression shorts type is best suited for fighters who engage in grappling and BJJ style fighting frequently or for those who practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Besides being light, tudo shorts are also meant to be super comfortable. These shorts have a non-restrictive material and retain body heat and allow for faster muscle recovery after training and combats.

Board Shorts

Board shorts come with leg cut length or knee-length as a standard feature. The waist is generally secured using a Velcro strap or drawstring. The drawstring ensures you (and your opponent) are not scratched during the physical contact during an MMA fight.

These MMA shorts also have metal loops, accessories (optional), pocket and zippers as standard features. For these reasons, these pair of shorts may be banned from professional combat sports as they can be harmful to the fighter or the opponent.


As the name suggests, these hybrid shorts are unique in design and purpose and combine the best features, fit and feel of MMA board shorts and Muay Thai shorts. They generally have short cuts. Their stretch panels assist in providing a wider range of flexibility to the wearer, without weighing them down with excess material. Their style also look aesthetically better than board shorts or Muay Thai shorts and feel great too!

Important Features of MMA Shorts

Some of the key features to bear in mind when buying the best MMA shorts possible are listed below.

Style & Design

These shorts have shot up in popularity and use. MMA is one big brand and hence the need for the fighting gear is also in high demand.

These MMA shorts are now available in all sorts of designs and prints. These prints are complemented by the wide array of colors (or combination of colors) to enhance the aesthetic value and style of these shorts.

A lot of times these pair of shorts will be designed to customize the needs and preferences of the fighter so that it depicts their unique style and fashion statement.


The manufacturing material is usually spandex/polyester composite material that is breathable and comfortable. These allow the pair of shorts to be flexible and lightweight. These high quality materials also allow the sweat to dry and has antimicrobial properties (preventing the growth of bacteria and stink).

Certain MMA shorts brands will use spandex in the groin area to make it blood repellent during combats. There are also stretch panels that prevent ripping and tearing of MMA shorts, making them tear resistant.


These MMA shorts come in all different shapes and sizes. To choose the one that is best for your size, you must ensure that you know have measured your waist size (and thighs) and then choose the most comfortable one available. Ideally, go for a slightly bigger size than your original for better fit and comfort.


The pricing of these MMA shorts will vary, depending on the types of shorts your purchase (hybrids will be more expensive than other types), designs and brand names. The bigger the brand and the better the quality of the shorts, the higher the price you should expect to pay. Generally, the pair of shorts tend to range anywhere between $10 – $70.

(Frequently Asked Questions) FAQ

How to Wear a Cup with MMA Shorts?

First, ensure that you have cup-style shorts that allow enough space and fitting for a cup in your groin region. Put on the MMA shorts and pull the short waistbands outside. Then you slide the cup into the pouch and ensure that the cup fits snugly and is comfortable when you move around.

How to Wash MMA Training Shorts?

For the most parts, though, you can put any pair of MMA shorts in the washing machine. As one general rule, you’ll want to wash them in warm water as that is more effective in removing stains. Add some gentle detergent (we recommend ACTIVE detergent) and put the machine on a delicate cycle. To prevent the colors from fading, turn the MMA shorts inside out. This will also prevent the embroideries material from peeling off. If you want, you can also put them in a mesh laundry bag.

Which are the Most Popular MMA Brands?

Some of the most commonly quoted MMA gear brands include Fairtex, Bad Boy, Venum, TapouT, VENDETTA, Sprawl, Silver Star, Hayabusa, TCB Fightwear, Jaco, POSS-MMA, Hitman Fight Gear, Dethrone Royalty, RYU and Ground Game. For other options, you can also refer to the top 10 MMA shorts section above.

This buyer’s guide is meant to introduce you to the various benefits of the best MMA shorts and the top 10 options available in the market for you to choose from. We have done the relevant research and conducted the required reviews so you don’t have to. All you need to do is to ascertain your specific requirements and budget and then make an informed decision by choosing the one that suits you best.