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Michelle Waterson
Michelle Waterson

When one thinks of Michelle Waterson hot mom is the first thing which comes to mind. Nobody seems to care about stats or what nationality is Michelle Waterson and that’s because the American of Caucasian and Thai descent is one of the hottest female sports stars and she is by far the hottest UFC fighter currently in the Octagon.

However, in addition to being beautiful, the Aurora, Colorado native is also a phenomenal fighter to boot. The strawweight fighter has an impressive winning record and is one of few fighters who have immediately started fighting as professional competitors.

Amateur Career

Michelle Waterson didn’t seem to plan on having an MMA career until very late in her life though. Her first career was a modeling one and that is not surprising considering her looks. However, she didn’t stay in the modeling world for long as she probably always knew that she was destined for something more exciting in her life.

She always had an interest in gymnastics, but because she couldn’t pay for the expensive gymnastics classes she enrolled in Karate instead. She excelled very quickly and eventually earned a black belt in American Freestyle Karate. She has also trained boxing, Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu, Muay Thai and WuShu.

An interesting thing which is frequently mentioned when Michelle Waterson is discussed is her lack of amateur career. This is because Michelle started her MMA fighting career with the help of UFC fighter Donald Cerrone who helped her make her debut, but because her amateur opponent apparently dropped out of the fight Michelle was urged by Cerrone to fight a professional fighter right there and then. He felt that Michelle was more than ready to have a professional career and her MMA and UFC exploits from then on have certainly justified his decision.

Professional Career

Michelle Waterson’s professional debut came on 16 February 2007 when she faced Andrea Miller at the Ring of Fire 28: Evolution event. Waterson had a winning debut as she won the fight via a unanimous decision.

Her record after her first professional victory was mixed as she won her fights against Jaime Cook, Thricia Poovey, and Krystal Macatol, but lost her fights against Alicia Gumm and Lynn Alvarez in her first couple of years as a pro.

It was around that time that her Strikeforce debut came. She faced Tyra Parker on 3 October 2008 at the Strikeforce: Payback event in Denver Colorado in a fight which lasted only 80 seconds and which Waterson won with a rear-naked choke submission.

Waterson’s Invicta debut happened at 6 October 2012 when she faced Lacey Schuckman at the Invicta FC 3: Penne vs Sugiyama event. As her other two debuts, this was a winning one too. She won the fight which took place in Kansas City via a split decision. This was also Waterson’s Atomweight debut and one in which she won the Fight of the Night award and the money bonus which came with it.

Her victory over Schukman landed her a headliner fight against Jessica Penne at the Invicta FC 5: Penne vs Waterson event. This was a fight which would determine the Invicta FC Atomweight champion and one which Waterson duly won with an armbar submission. The fight was one of the most closely fought affairs the Kansas City crowd had witnessed and established Waterson as a perfect UFC candidate.

Waterson defended her Invicta FC Atomweight championship against Yasuko Tamada at Invicta FC 8, but lost her title to Herica Tiburcio on 5 December 2014.

However, her performances up until that point were enough to convince the UFC to sign Waterson, who was a mother fighting on both the family front and in the Octagon by then. The UFC signed Waterson in April 2015 and she made her promotional debut against Angela Magana on 12 July 2015, a debut which she once again won. That fight also signaled Waterson’s return to strawweight, a division which she still competes in at the moment.

Since the UFC signed her, she has been one of the most exploited fighters by the organization as in addition to being a very good fighter, she is also a very good looking woman. This has even made her one of the faces of UFC Women in recent years and has turned her into a household UFC name.

Her fights have also become harder and more competitive at the same time and that was something which was welcomed by fans, but also by Waterson and her husband, who has been training with her from her early MMA beginnings.

Waterson faced tough opponents in the UFC such as Paige VanZant, Rose Namajunas, Tecia Torres, Cortney Casey, Felice Herrig, Karolina Kowalkiewicz and her most recent opponent Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Of those opponents she has only lost to Torres, Namajunas, and Jedrzejczyk and that is proof that Waterson is definitely on the right track to one day challenge for the strawweight division champion title.

Michelle Waterson Betting Odds, Markets and Offers

Michelle Waterson UFC fights don’t seem to follow one particular trend, but betting enthusiasts can always find a stat or two which will help them place their next winning bet on the American.

One of the recurring statistics which has been particularly noticeable during Waterson’s UFC fights is the fact that most of her fights, both the winning and the losing ones last for 3 rounds. Waterson has had 8 UFC fights so far and 5 of those have been resolved by the third round. This means the Michelle Waterson betting which focuses on the Karate Hottie’s fights ending in the third round is bound to be profitable.

In addition to this, there is also another interesting trend which seems to be happening more often now than in the past. Before Michelle Waterson joined the UFC, most of her fights ended in her winning or losing the bout via submission. Eight of her sixteen professional matches before she joined the UFC were resolved by submission.

However, after she joined the UFC, in 5 of her 8 UFC fights the winner was chosen after a decision. In fact, all of her last 5 UFC fights were resolved by decision. This is indicative of a fighter adapting her style to the level of her opponents and it is to be expected that most Michelle Waterson fights in the future will be resolved by decision. This can be a very profitable betting avenue for punters as wins by decision are usually given high odds by bookmakers.