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rose namajunas
Rose Namajunas

UFC Rose Namajunas is one of the hottest MMA prospects right now. Her looks, fighting style and contagious self confidence make her stand out from fellow female fighters.

However, it is not just her physical appearance and charisma that make the affectionately called Thug the famous UFC personality that she is. One of her most distinguishing traits is her hunger for victory and so far her career has only gone up because of it.

Rose is currently in the strawweight division and hovers around the top positions in the rankings having beaten top quality fighters such as Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Michelle Waterson.

Amateur Career

Rose started competing as an amateur in the MMA in 2010. Her trainer back then was Greg Nelson and she was signed to the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. Her blistering start to her amateur career meant that she didn’t stay an amateur for long and after only four matches she turned pro.

Her first amateur victory was over Melissa Pacheco on 7 August 2010. In that flyweight fight, Namajunas needed 2 minutes and 51 seconds to dispatch Pacheco via a technical knockout. Her second, third and fourth amateur fights were under the umbrella of King of the Cage and yielded similar results. Her last amateur victory over Jen Aniano was completed in only 33 seconds and was enough to convince everyone that Namajunas was ready to become a pro.

Professional Career

Rose began her professional career on 5 January 2013. She faced Emily Kagan as part of Invicta FC 4: Esparza vs Hyatt and won the fight with a rear-naked choke. Her submission was actually voted as the Submission of the Night, a trend that would follow her for the rest of her career.

Her second professional fight was won even more convincingly as it took Rose only 12 seconds to defeat Kathina Catron with a flying armbar, a submission which was once again voted as Submission of the Night.

However, Rose’s rise to fame was not that instantaneous as these first two impressive victories were followed by two successive defeats at the hands of Tecia Torres and Carla Esparza. What’s more, the second of those defeats, against Carla Esparza was Rose’s first match in the UFC and was fought for the inaugural UFC Women’s Strawweight Championship.

Things soon returned to normal for the American with Lithuanian roots though, and her next three fights were all victories. Two of those wins once again came courtesy of a submission, which by then became Rose’s trademark.

It was in one of those matches, the highest profile one against Paige VanZant that Rose decided to cut off her hair, all of it. Fans were puzzled and were wondering why did Rose Namajunas shave her head, but Namajunas was quick to answer on Instagram that it is a fight and not a beauty pageant and that her hair was in her face during practice anyway.

Her early years in the UFC showed that Rose was ready for the big stage, but there was one event which really propelled Rose’s career from a talented young fighter to a household UFC name. That event was Namajunas’ fight against Joanna Jedrzeczyk for the Strawweight Championship and her career can literally be divided into the part before and after that fight.

Coming into that Jedrzejczyk fight, Namajunas defeated the quite good Michelle Waterson, via, you guessed it, a rear-naked choke submission. That was enough to put Namajunas in good spirits, but she was still a huge underdog against the much more popular and successful Polish fighter.

However, what came next came to be known as the biggest upset in MMA history and was unanimously voted as the Upset of the Year at the World MMA Awards in 2017.

The match took place on 4 November 2017 at Maddison Square Garden and everybody was expecting that Namajunas would surrender easily against the reigning strawweight champion. However, the fighting world got the shock of their lives when Jedrzejczyk was knocked down once behind the ear and once to her chin. It was a first round victory and one that will long live in the memory of those who witnessed it.

Rose used that opportunity to raise awareness to mental health problems as she felt that now that she was the strawweight champion her voice would get much further. What’s more, she lived with a schizophrenic father ever since she could remember, so spreading mental health awareness probably felt like a very real problem to her for a very long time.

Joanna Jedrzeczyk didn’t wait long to challenge Namajunas for the strawweight title, but she once again lost to Thug, this time via a unanimous decision. This victory cemented Namajunas’ bid to be one of the best in the world, but it also was the beginning of a period of battling with spinal stenosis which certainly took its toll on the American.

Her return from injury was her title defense match against one of the best strawweight fighters in the world, Jessica Andrade. Namajunas dominated that fight for long periods of time, but still lost via a slam in the second round.

Rose Namajunas Betting Odds, Markets and Offers

As can be seen from the stats, there are several Rose Namajunas betting outcomes that seem to constantly happen. In her professional career which spans to 12 matches, Rose has 8 wins and 4 losses. Of those 8 wins as many as 5 are by submission.

This is a clear pattern which betting enthusiasts should take an advantage of especially when they are given the chance to bet on the method of victory. Most bookmakers offer this market in addition to the standard match winner one and usually give quite enticing Rose Namajunas betting odds for the submission method of victory.

In addition to this, betting enthusiast won’t make a mistake if they back Namajunas to win any of her future matches in strawweight as she is arguably the best fighter in that division right now. The betting odds Rose Namajunas gets from bookmakers in this market are somewhat lower than in the method of victory market, but that should not deter punters as backing Namajunas to win a fight is almost always a given.