Rose Namajunas v Jessica Andrade Betting Odds Preview – April 19, 2020

rose namajunas
Rose Namajunas

Attention! Unfortunately, the Rose Namajunas v Jessica Andrade match has been cancelled/postponed due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic events.

Rose Namajunas will have a chance to exact her revenge on Jessica Andrade in the rematch that will take place on April 19 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. Thug Rose was slammed to the ground in the pair’s previous bout and lost her UFC Women’s Strawwight Championship title so there will definitely be no love lost between these two in April.

The first fight had quite the effect on Namajunas as immediately after the match ended she claimed that she was considering retirement and that she was trying to find her passion for the sport. The manner of her defeat probably had a big role in her contemplating her retirement decision as she could have been left paralyzed for life after she was dropped to the ground neck first by Andrade.

However, after a lot of reflecting on her next move and returning to her roots and talking with previous coaches, Namajunas rediscovered her love for fighting and now claims that she is more than ready to exact her revenge on the woman who stripped her off her belt. She even claims that she was offered the chance to fight Zhang Weili for the strawweight championship title, but declined that opportunity because she had set her sights on defeating Andrade in their rematch.

Jessica Andrade will probably have something to say to this though, as she was more than a match for Rose in their previous fight. The Brazilian mixed martial artist started their first fight slowly and waited for Namajunas to draw her first move, but as the fight drew on she got into her element and started forcing Namajunas into fighting as she had seemingly planned all along.

The culmination of this was the slam to the ground which seemed as aggressive and as destructive as anything which we have seen from Andrade. Chances are that Andrade will once again go into beast mode and will not hold back any punches, or kicks for that matter, when trying to throw Rose off balance.

Bookmakers are always ready for fights of this magnitude and have once again produced quite the betting offer. The fact that this is a rematch has given them an extra incentive to come out with an even better offer and here we will look at what the top 5 UFC bookmakers have in store for this fight.

Event Date: April 19, 2020


energybetEnergyBet is a Probe Investments Limited product and is one of the highest rated European bookmakers. They specialize in offering betting enthusiasts niche betting markets and often focus on non-sports betting events.

However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t offer competitive markets and odds for premiere MMA events such as the Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade UFC fight night scheduled for April 19.

EnergyBet’s people seem to think that Namajunas is the superior fighter here and that this time round she will right the wrongs from the first fight. The Maltese betting operator gives her odds of 8/15 to do just that.

Namajunas started the first fight against Andrade in an excellent manner and if she had kept Andrade at a distance for a little longer, maybe we would have never seen the Brazilian unleash her aggressiveness onto her.

Andrade on the other hand, is not looked at as favourably as her American counterpart and is given higher odds of 27/20. However, those odds may not mean anything if she can once again get too close and too personal with Namajunas.


lv betRose Namajunas is the favourite to win with LV BET as well. The betting provider which is operated by Fairload Ltd gives Namajunas odds of 8/15 to triumph in her rematch against Jessica Andrade. The 27-year old American is one of the rising stars of UFC and is arguably the best fighter in her weight division. She is a very complete and rounded fighter and has the skills, the brains and the stamina to reign the strawweight division for years to come.

It was evident in the first fight that she was the better fighter of the two and most bookmakers had her as the favourite that time round too. She was throwing hooks and jabs at all the right times and her footwork was always keeping her at a safe distance from the aggressive Andrade.

This meant that Andrade had to find a way to get in Rose’s face and she did this by restricting her movement. She repeatedly kicked her in the legs and in doing so kept her within reach. If she manages to do the same on April 19, she can triumph against the odds once again. At LV BET, those odds currently stand at 27/20.


unibetUnibet as a sports betting and gambling platform serves over 11 million betting enthusiasts from all over the globe. That sort of popularity cannot be obtained over night and Unibet has worked tirelessly over the last 23 years to build a reputation for itself. Their credo is ‘By Players For Players’ and the betting company always tries to listen to people involved in sports when producing their betting offer.

That certainly seems to be the case for the Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade UFC rematch fight as they assign higher odds to the favourite than other betting companies do. The people at Unibet give Rose Namajunas odds of 8/13 to win the fight. At those odds the American mixed martial artist is an excellent proposition and you would be foolish not to back her.

Jessica Andrade is also given decent odds, as Unibet gives her odds of 5/4 to make it two-out-of-two against Namajunas. However, that will be easier said than done as she will have to go against a very motivated Rose Namajunas and Unibet’s odds definitely reflect that this will be an uphill struggle for the Brazilian.


pinnaclePinnacle is one of those sports betting operators that place all the emphasis on their sports betting offer and don’t try to tempt prospective clients with enticing bonuses. Instead they focus on providing high odds and accepting high wagering limits.

Their offer for the Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade fight definitely fits into this operating strategy. It is clear that the margins have been kept quite low and that punters could make full use of some excellent value odds.

This is especially true for the odds given to Jessica Andrade. Pinnacle gives the former UFC strawweight champion odds of 6/4 to win in this fight and those odds can substantially increase your initial stake.

However, you should also be somewhat careful when backing Andrade. She might have been the strawweight champion after defeating Namajunas (for whom Pinnacle gives lower odds of 4/7), but she was in possession of the belt for only three months.

Her defeat to Zhang Weili really showcased many of her shortcomings as she can be quite inconsistent at times so always back her with a healthy dose of caution.

William Hill

william hillWilliam Hill is an excellent place to take your UFC bet to. For the Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade fight the British bookmaker opts to play it safe and assigns both fighters reasonably high odds.

Rose Namajunas is William Hill’s favourite to win the fight and she is given odds of 8/13 to win. Namajunas seems like she has been in the UFC for a very long time, but she is still only 27-years old. Her huge victory against Joanna Jedrzejczyk in 2017 launched her to UFC stardom and certainly made it seem for all of us like she has been around for a very long time.

However, the fact that she reached great heights at such an early stage of her career also meant that the pressure on her to keep that belt was very big. That she even thought about retiring after the Andrade defeat speaks volumes about the weight she felt on her shoulders.
With odds of 13/10 Jessica Andrade is definitely the underdog with William Hill. However, as you are never quite sure what the Brazilian might take out of her sleeve, a cheeky bet on her might go a long way here.