Biggest and Heaviest UFC / MMA Fighters

The Octagon has been graced by fighters of all shapes and sizes. From giants in the UFC division to monsters in MMA, the world of fighting has seen its fair share of big and heavy fighters. Due to their size and weight, most of these fighters have (obviously) competed in the heavyweight of superheavyweight divisions.

Size, of course, is a key advantage to win a fight. However, it’s not the only factor that contributes. In the UFC’s rich history, we’ve seen many Davids slay Goliaths. Just because a fighter is big doesn’t mean he’ll win for sure. The list of big & heavy UFC heavyweight fighters is long, so we can’t list them all.

With that being said, we’ve picked the most successful and biggest UFC fighters we’ve ever seen step into the Octagon.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is not only an MMA heavyweight champion – he’s also one of the most talented and naturally gifted fighters to enter the Octagon. Lesnar is an impressive physical specimen whose physique has helped him defeat opponents such as Randy Couture and Frank Mir.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

Standing at 191 cm. height and weighing around 286 lb., Lesnar is a freight-train you don’t want to see coming your way. Currently a WWE champion in his fifth reign, Lesnar’s future in the UFC is still up in the air.

We would be lying if we said we’re not excited about seeing Lesnar grace the Octagon once again. Most fans would.

Bob Sapp

bob sapp
Bob Sapp

Bob Sapp is definitely one of the biggest UFC fighters of all time. Although he was never an MMA heavyweight champion, Sapp’s impressive physique and aggressive fighting style have made him a household name. That, and the fact that he’s quite the freak in physical terms.

The former wrestler and American football player stands at 1.95 m. while weighing even more than Lesnar (329 lb.). His huge hands and massive chest have earned him the nickname ‘The Beast’ and it really suits him well. Sapp has seen his fair share of kickboxing and UFC fights with a so-so record. He never established dominance in each sport despite his obvious physical advantage.

Still, he’ll be remembered as a true beast in the ring who holds notable victories over fighters such as Akebono Taro, the first non-Japanese-born wrestler to become yokozuna.

Mariusz Pudzianowski

Pudzianowski really gave the term Strongman a new meaning. A five-time World’s Strongest Man champion himself, Pudzianowski is also one of the biggest UFC heavyweight fighters we’ve ever seen.

Mariusz Pudzianowski

Just like Sapp, Mariusz Pudzianowski never won an MMA/UFC title. However, the fact that he was never an MMA heavyweight champion doesn’t diminish what he did for the sport. A true mountain of a fighter nicknamed ‘The Dominator’, Pudzianowski weighs over 313 lb. – that comes on a “frame” of only 186 cm.

Take a look at some of his pics and you’ll see why he’s called the ‘Dominator’. In his UFC career, he holds a win over Bob Sapp as one of his greatest achievements. On a fitness level, his personal records include 145 kg. in deadlift and 380 kg. in squats – how’s that for strenght?

Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

Antonio Bigfoot Silva
Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva

Antonio Silva joined the UFC in 2012 and hasn’t exactly had a stellar career. However, his physical attributes put him near the top of biggest UFC fighter lists. The Brazilian is 193 cm. tall and weighs over 265 pounds – he’s not really the man you want to face in the Octagon.

Before joining the UFC, ‘Bigfoot’ defeated future MMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko in 2011. In the UFC, he has wins over Allistair Overeem and Travis Browne. Although he never won the belt, his career looks pretty good to us.

In 2016, Silva was released by the UFC after a string of losses. Although he hasn’t officially retired, he never returned to the Octagon.

Alexandre Lungu

alexandru lungu
Alexandru Lungu

A professional judoka before signing with the UFC, Lungu is a Romanian giant and one of the heaviest UFC heavyweight fighters. Clocking in at 364 lb. for his last fight, Lungu was rightfully named ‘The Bihor Mountain’ after Bihor Country, the place where he was born.

His MMA career isn’t a resounding success, but he does hold a record of 16 wins in 21 fights. At the age of 42, Lungu may never become an MMA heavyweight champion, but at least he’ll be remembered as one of the biggest UFC fighters.



A favourite of many, Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch is one of the biggest UFC fighters to enter the Octagon and we don’t believe anyone will top his record weight soon. For his last fight, Butterbean weighed a monstrous 425 lb. while standing at only 1.82 m.

Initially a professional boxer, Esch made his debut in the MMA in 2003, losing to Genki Sudo. Although many saw his weight as a disadvantage, he managed to have quite a successful career, even becoming a MMA Super Heavyweight Champion in Elite-1.

During his MMA career, he lost to Mariusz Pudzianowski but still ended with a respectable record of 17 wins in 28 fights. To be honest, we don’t see how anyone would break his record weight anytime soon.