Max Holloway v Dustin Poirier Betting and Odds Preview – April 14, 2019

Max Holloway
Max Holloway

The UFC 236 will be headlined by a rematch fans of the sport have been waiting to see for quite a long time. Current UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway will face Dustin Poirier in a highly anticipated fight for the interim UFC Lightweight Championship. The American fighter has faced Poirier once before, losing to submission on his featherweight debut.

Since then, Holloway has been impressive. He won the featherweight title in 2016 against Anthony Pettis, unified it later against Jose Aldo and has had 2 successful title defenses against Jose Aldo and Brian Ortega in the past few years. Now, he’s going to face Dustin Poirier, the man responsible for one of only 3 defeats Holloway has suffered throughout his UFC career.

Even though he never won a UFC title himself, Poirier is a fierce fighter and a so-called “giant slayer”. The American MMA fighter holds notable wins against Holloway, Eddie Alvarez, and Anthony Pettis among others, making him a force to be reckoned. He finally got the chance at a title bout and considering his record (30-24), he shouldn’t be underestimated.

Max Holloway’s next fight will take place at April 13 in Atlanta at the State Farm Arena. The fight odds are already out at bookies, where punters can stake in different markets. MMA fans are eager to see if Holloway defends his title for the 3rd time or if Poirier will slay another giant, finally earning a title himself. If you’re following MMA betting tips, Holloway is the favourite, but considering their history, the bout could go either way.

Winner Odds on Dustin Poirier v Max Holloway


One of the biggest bookmakers in the world, Bet365 has been dominating the online bookmaker scene for quite a long time. With a long list of sports in its offer and thousands of betting markets, Bet365 is the favourite of thousands of punters. It’s not just about the sports – Bet365 offers great odds and runs regular enticing promotions as well.

The popular site offers many UFC bouts and has great MMA betting odds. Select UFC from the list of sports and you’ll find dozens of matches to bet on with highly enticing odds as well. The Holloway vs. Poirier fight is one of the highlights, with the Hawaiian-American fighter being the heavy favourite.

It’s obvious that Holloway is the favourite for this fight and it’s no wonder. Since losing to Poirier on his UFC featherweight debut, Holloway has become a formidable fighter with 2 title defenses in his last two bouts. However, his odds are not very attractive for punters, so you might want to back Poirier up.

Sports Interaction

sports interactionLicensed in Canada and Jersey, Sports Interaction is a fresh arrival on the online bookmaker market. Featuring a number of sports and betting markets and an easy to navigate theme, Sports Interaction has hit a home run. Add the separate racebook to that and you’ve got a pretty nice bookie that is worth giving a try.

UFC/MMA betting is available at Sports Interaction, where the Holloway vs. Poirier rematch is one of the highlights. Max Holloway is again the favourite with odds of 10/27, while Poirier stands at 39/20. Although Holloway’s odds make him a clear favourite for the fight, underestimating Poirier is a mistake you shouldn’t make.

The American fighter has already beat Holloway once, with wins against Eddie Alvarez and Anthony Pettis further solidifying his status as a tough fighter. He certainly has the skills to win the fight and has been patiently waiting for a shot at a title for quite a long time. Now that he’s got it, he’ll no doubt do everything he can to win against Max Holloway.

Royal Panda

Dustin Poirier
Dustin Poirier

Widely regarded as one of the best online casinos on the market, Royal Panda expanded its operations in 2014 by entering the sports betting market. Since then, it has grown into one of the best bookies, even drawing comparisons to giants such as Bet365. With highly competitive odds, a focus on Premier League football and a point-based reward program, Royal Panda is a bookie you should definitely give a try.

UFC betting is available at Royal Panda, with plenty of exciting matches you can place your bets on. The fight odds for the Holloway vs. Poirier fight are in favour of the current champion – 37/100 vs. 9/5. Holloway is widely expected to defend his title for the 3rd time in a row, although he’ll face a stern challenge in Poirier.

Experienced punters won’t find Holloway’s odds very attractive – at 37/100, you’ll barely earn a penny even for a large bet. Poirier’s odds look much better. A Dustin Poirier win will triple your investment so he’s clearly the better choice. Our money would be on him, but, as always, it’s up to you who you pick.


sportnationFollowing a rebrand in 2017, the site formerly known as Bet on Brazil became one of the fastest-growing online bookmakers in the UK. Offering sports that range from football to floorball, SportNation is home to enticing promotions for new and regular punters. There’s a ton of betting markets to place your bets in and highly rewarding promotions, making SportNation the place to be.

The rematch between UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway and title challenger Dustin Poirier is one of the highlights in SportNation’s offer. The bookie offers betting in the Moneyline FT market only at this moment, favouring Holloway over Poirier (20/59 vs. 19/10). This obviously makes Holloway a favourite for the fight, but not with punters.

The punter’s choice would definitely be Dustin Poirier. At 19/10, you stand of earning a lot more money than by betting on Max Holloway. Don’t forget that Poirier defeated the champ once before. He definitely has what it takes to win the fight and earn his well-deserved first title. With Holloway’s uninspiring odds, a bet on Poirier makes much sense.


Mostly known as the official shirt sponsor of famed Premier League club Newcastle United, Fun88 is a decent operator aimed at UK punters. there’s a truckload of sports and betting markets at the site, spearheaded by exciting Premier League odds. Of course, Fun88 has more than football in its offer and runs great regular promotions as well.

The MMA and UFC are among the list of sports at this exciting bookie. This means you can bet on the upcoming Holloway vs. Poirier fight. There’s no surprise in the odds, though – Holloway is still a heavy favourite at 20/59, while Poirier stands at 19/10. There’s a huge gap in the odds, obviously, so Holloway is not exactly what a punter wants.

On the other hand, Poirier’s odds are looking much better. However, bookies have not made him an underdog for no reason at all. Backing up Poirier is a no-brainer – if he ends up winning, you’ll be looking at a solid payout.